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Bathroom Renovations Starting at $4500 Up to 8 Colors To Choose From 12x24

Bathroom Remodeling Makeover Designers Serving Orlando & Central Florida!

We have over 25 Years of Bathroom remodeling & makeover experience the Orlando area.
You Can Trust Our Designers & Contractors With Quality Installations.

We have a Huge Bathroom Showroom In Orlando With In Stock Inventory! We Can Design Your Dream Bathroom Virtually Before We Create Your Order To Make Sure It Meets Your Expectations.
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Pick Out Your Materials

Remodeling your kitchen is a lot easier with our help. Start by measuring your kitchen area and cabinets, then draw up a rough sketch to provide us with an idea of your layout.

Set up an appointment with one of our designers and bring the sketch and measurements. With the help of any of our designers, we can help you through the process of choosing the best cabinet style that you will sure love and enjoy at the comfort of your kitchen.

2020 Design

See It Before We Install - Optional

After choosing the type of cabinets for your kitchen, we’ll help bring everything together for you with a computer-generated design of your new kitchen!

We use kitchen specialized computer programs to work on the designs, bringing out all the details that will show you the way your kitchen is going to look, as well as adjusting the kitchen layout to suit our customer’s needs.

Home Inspection

Just To Make Sure It Fits

During our measurement confirmation process at your home, our designers will verify that the sketch and your ideas can be fit into the kitchen area.

We’ll make sure that the design done for you will be fit for your kitchen. Our designers will walk through the layout of the kitchen, and suggest any additional ideas to make your kitchen even better.


On Time & Professional

After working out the details and layout, and after having the design done, our designers will walk you through the process of how we can get started.

Once we got your approval and agreement on the kitchen project, we set up an appointment with you to have the kitchen area and layout measured by our designers. This process allows us to confirm the measurements of the design and adjust it if necessary, so we can be sure to order the right cabinets.

Installation Day

What To Expect

Once we place the order for the cabinets, we arrange the kitchen project. We deliver the assembled cabinets, remove the existing cabinets and countertops, install the new cabinets, all in the same day.

After installation of the cabinets are done, we arrange the measurement and template for the countertop, and install after fabricating the pieces for your kitchen.

Follow Up

To Ensure Customer Satisfaction

After completing the kitchen project, we follow up with our customers to see how the whole project experience was. We like to keep our customers satisfied, so your feedback is always welcomed.

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