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Laminate flooring continues to be one of the more popular floor coverings among homeowners today. Probably the biggest reason for this is the fact that it so closely mimics the look and feel of real solid hardwood flooring. However, there is a wide variety of benefits in this material that will make you glad you took the time to look it over. Furthermore, you’ll find a product in this niche that’s sure to meet any budget.

At D’Best Floorz & More, we proudly offer some of the best deals you’ll find on the flooring market. Not only will we beat any competitor’s written offer, we’ll make sure that you find a product that fits right into your own budget. Serving the entirety of central Florida, Winter Park, Kissimmee, and Cocoa Beach, we have a showroom located in Orlando, FL. Stop by today to find a floor covering that meets all your needs. Our flooring specialists will be standing by.

LAMINATE STARTING AT $2.99/s.f. installed

Laminate Deals

Laminate Benefits

Not only can laminate provide you with a floor that looks just like hardwood flooring, we can customize the particular wood species. Whether you’re looking for hickory, pecan, bamboo or oak, you’ll find it here. With this floor covering, you’ll even be able to choose the pine look, which isn’t normally seen in high traffic areas, such as living rooms and kitchens. Since pine is a softer species, it’s usually reserved for closets or rooms that are rarely used. But with this material, you can bring that beautiful look into any room you’d like.

Laminate is one of the quickest flooring installs in the business. That means you’ll not only save money on the material itself but on the installation process as well. Your installers will be in and out in no time, and you’ll be able to walk on your floors as soon as they’re finished. What’s more, laminate can even smooth over any rough or uneven subflooring that you’ve had to deal with in the past.

Keeping this floor covering clean is also a quick and easy process. Of course, you’ll want to make sure to sweep or vacuum daily, or whenever the need arises. You can follow up with a simple damp mop to bring these floors back to their like-new look in just minutes. Since it’s impressively stain resistant, you aren’t likely to need much more. However, if tough messes do happen, simply consult a flooring specialist, or the manufacturer, for cleaning agents suited for this flooring material.

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